A Friend In London at Tivoli, July 13th 2012

It's been 1,5 month since - and I think I needed that time to melt what I experienced that day/night ;) haha!
Okay, here we go! *there are probably both grammar and spelling mistakes, deal with it!*
I left home at like 6.30am and met Emmy at the train to Copenhagen - both of us were really tired xD after like an hour Lina joined us and the trip continued all the way to Malmö and later on Copenhagen ^^, damn it was kinda emotional when we passed by Hyllie, since that's where we jumped off when we went to the NKOTBSB show :') haha, anyway - turned off my internet (</3) and drove over the bridge to Denmark and saw that sunken FRIENDship that you can see in one of the AFIL tv eps ^^, haha
When we'd arrived in Copenhagen we went for a little stroll to find our hotel (even though we weren't able to check in yet..) and tried to find Törst Bar (no, I can't write the danish "ö"...) haha, but we couldn't find it - and later on we found out that we were searching at the wrong place haha xD
Around 10.30 we decided to go to Tivoli and see if we could find anyone - so I looked around, didn't find anyone straight away so I started looking at Emmy and Lina again and they looked pretty "what's that..?!" and I turned around and saw Anneke coming running towards me - oh God, that was one of the best moments of that day :') a few meters after her, Dani came running as well aaaaaaahhhhh! :D loved to finally meet you girls <3 we joined them to their "place in the queue" and met Uli, Marie and Anneke's mom :) EPIC!
A while later they started to let people in and we found out that we could've been standing in another queue since we already had those tickets haha.... went directly to the stage and thought we were the first there - only to find out that the boys were besides the stage and that there were a few FRIENDs there :') talked a little bit with Ben, said hi to Ash and shook hands with Seb HAHA, funniest/most awkward thing of the day haha :') Tim weren't there, so when they left we went back to the stage to start our 11 hours' wait :D haha
After a while Tim showed up and me, Emmy and Lina went over to him for a little chat - he whispered "swedeFRIEND" when he hugged me haha :') LOVE IT! The thing that I loved the most was that no other came up to us and "stole" of our time with him - that's only possible in the FRIENDzone! seriously, if it would have been Danny I was talking to, I might have gotten 30 seconds alone - then everybody else would have came running.. #lovetheFRIENDzone <3
Anyway, then we continued the big wait - talking with all FRIENDs (Anneke, Dani, Uli, Marie, Savera, Carla, Kim, Cindy and so on! <3) Iwas hunting all birds HAHA, just cause it was fun xD went away for the WORST burger I've ever had lmao xD so freaking disgusting! and then we just kept waiting - had a little bit rain over us, but it wasn't that bad actually ;D
When it was like two hours left 'til the show should start Tim entered the stage for a little soundcheck - so we stood up - and dammit, I got so freaking MAD! while we were sitting down they'd decided to put a HUGE camera right in front of me - so I barely saw anything... right there and then I just wanted to go home... decided to stay (thankfully - haha, who would've thought I'd left..?!)
Then they went on stage 'round 10pm, I think..?! Did a 45 minutes set or something like that - they didn't do Rocket, and that kinda got me heartbroken haha </3 freaking love that song.. anyway, they sung Out Of My Hands - and I felt a little tear running down my cheek, had a look at Emmy who was standing at my right and she was crying too :') such a beautiful song <3
When they were done ALL FIRST ROW went away - that must've been pretty epic seeing :'D haha, we went to the side to see if they were coming out afterwards - and sure they did :') had a quick chat with Seb ("hi" "hi" *awkward silence* "are you coming to the after party?" "yeah, we thought so!" "great, see you there" "yeah, we do") haha! xD no offence to those who like him, but I think it's pretty awkward talking to him.. xD a little later Ben came up to us, and he is such a talker when he's excited :D asked us a lotta stuff about the show and such things :') took a pic with him, and then he moved on saying "see you later!! :D" and yet a few minutes later my heart came to us :') asked him why they didn't sing Rocket, and he answered that they didn't had the time to do it.. haha, bummer! discussed the after party with him as well haha, and told him that we'd try to get in, since Emmy's not 18.. haha ;) took a quick pic, hugged him again and man I love that fella <3
After that we went to the hotel to breath a little while before we headed to the afterparty - we found the girls outside, and thank god for that! :D otherwise we wouldn't have found the place.. haha lmao! stopped on our way there just to celebrate Anneke's birthday, since the clock turned 00.00 :D I'm so glad that I could spend that moment with you girl! :')
After a little walk we found the right place and crossed our fingers that we were able to get in - and hell yeah, WE GOT IN! :D and I've never seen such a crowded bar ever before xD we weren't able to move at all.. ;) a lotta loud music, a few swedish songs (lmao) and drunk people haha ^^, talked with both Tim and Ben, they both introduced us to the director (??) of the Get Rich In Vegas music video :D #honoured ^^, and the look at Tim's face when I told him that I was the one standing behind the camera... PRICELESS! he was like "o.O... oooooh shiiiittttt.......!" talked a little bit more with everybody, then we decided that it was time to leave, the clock was closing in on 2am and we were pretty damn tired xD said bye to Tim, and tried to find Ben but we couldn't find him, so we went downstairs and heard Ben behind us after a few meters - he wanted to thank us for coming :') such a cutie, and such a hugger when he's drunk haha :'D said bye to him, and he said that the next time we'll meet it's probably in Sweden :D
Went to SevenEleven to buy something to eat since we were pretty hungry and then just headed back to the hotel and som FREE WIFI! :D missed it <3 haha, had a quick catch up with Aoife and went to bed at like 4am ^^, haha, after like 3 hours I woke up and couldn't sleep anymore.. Followed Emmy to the train, and me and Lina bought some Danish pastry on our way back as breakfast, and just relaxed/talked about everything before we headed to catch our train home ;)
6 hours after I left Copenhagen we were having guests at home, since it was my sisters' birthday, and I wasn't human after only sleeping 3,5 hours xD
Okey, I LOVE YOU if you read it all, and understood it - without me sounding like a fangirl xD haha1
This is BY FAR one of the absolutely best days in my life, and I will never forget it, nor forget the people I met -love you all <3
Some pics maybe..?! otherwise you could check them out at my facebook ;D
Anneke's mom, Dani, Uli, Anneke, Lina, Emmy, myself and Marie behind the camera :)
Peace, love and understanding!


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