"xoxo Tim" - NKOTBSBAFIL Malmö 13 maj

I'll write it all in English cuz I know there's a lotta people that don't know Swedish who wanna read this - men om du vill ha en kortare version på svenska så säg bara till! :)
There's probably a lotta spelling/grammar mistakes - but hey, live with it! ;D

Such an amazing day - don't even know where to start :') but here we go!
I jumped on my train to Malmö at 10am with mixed feelings - one part of me was beyond nervous and just wanted to go home, while the other part was so freaking happy and just wanted to be in Malmö asap. I was checking my phone like every 5th second - and the people around me probably thought I was crazy cuz I was smiling all the time ;) after a little while one of my friends joined me at the train and we met our two other friends in Malmööööö at 1pm :) after some strolling around in the city trying to find our hotel we had McDonalds and then checked in at the hotel.
We went up to our room and started preparing for the night while watching AFIL tv, blasting Get Rich In Vegas and just having an epic time :) we went out to Malmö Arena 'round 3pm - and started looking for the backstage area ^^, after a little while we saw like 10 huge busses and a lotta fans - we'd found it! ;D the most funny thing was that everybody who was waiting there was somewhere between 30 and 45 years old - and there we were, with an average age of 18 years x) haha, but in the other hand - we weren't waiting for the same bands :')
After a little while we saw a dude who was looking a lot like Ash - and yeah, it was him - but we didn't want to disturb him while he was smoking, so we didn't yell him.. ;) maybe 15 minutes later Howie D sneaked out through the doors - and barely anybody noticed him in the beginning ;) so while we were stuck to the fence looking for AFIL little Howie D decided to wave at us without us waving at him :') oh god, I got so starstruck :P and after he'd waved at us everybody started screaming at him and wanted him to wave at them as well ^^, soon after that *yeah, now we're talking like minutes x)* a certain Schou appeared in the backstage area :') haha, the most funny thing was that everybody expected me to be the first one to react - but that wasn't the case xD Emmy, one of my friends, went from sitting on her knees to standing and screaming "Tim!" in like half a second x) HAHA, my god it was SO FUN :') but no, he didn't see us, or maybe he did - but he decided not to go to us... I forgive you babe, after everything you did later on ;D
The time when they were supposed to open the "gates" were getting closer so we went away from the backstage area back to the queues, and fortunately they hadn't grew that much longer :') we had like 10 people in front of us in our queue ^^, a few people were dancing to entertain us - and they actually were really great! :D
At 6pm they decided that it was time to open the doors - and my god, we hurried so much to get good "seats" - and we ended up at first row :') haha, and then it was time to wait another 90 minutes... me and Emmy didn't stand up until like 15 minutes before the show was about to start - and the two girls behind us freaked out and wanted to switch places with us cuz we were tall and they were kinda short x) but we told them that we're leaving after the opening act and they got pretty happy about that ;D
Well, a few minutes after 6pm AFIL went on stage and we were screaming so much haha :') they sang a few songs (NT, Rocket, RFTS, CAF, GRIV, The light -  I think that was it..?) and OMG, I don't think I've ever sung that loud at a concert before :') *that's the reason to why I'm only uploading one little clip from it ^^,* when they sang Rocket I litterally freaked out :') I love that song, and I love those lyrics - even though they're partly new - and Tim showed me from stage that he'd seen me during that fucking song :') haha and I actually caught that on film :') *yeah, the vid I'm uploading - check it out a bit further down* anyway, I suppose everybody knows what the show was like - otherwise check it at youtube, cuz I don't have any words to describe it <3 when they were done we hurried away to the merch stands where they should be after their set :)
*this is gonna be completely impossible to write without sounding all freaked out and too happy*
When we'd been standing there for a couple of minutes they just came walking looking just as amazing as they always do :') I had this really awkward feeling about meeting them actually... Tim'd told me at twitter earlier that I should hint him about who I was - and what the hell was I supposed to say..?! we joked about that earlier and said that I only should say "hint hint" to him xD buuuuuuuut - I didn't even get the opportunity to say anything, since the first thing Tim says when he sees us is "Annelie! :) I saw you first thing I did when I went on stage :)" yup - he said exactly those words, to me - a girl he'd only met once before! Oh god, I could seriously die happy right there at the spot :') he knew who I was - not just my twittername, but he'd connected my name with my face and fucking remembered it! :') and when we'd talked to him for a little while he said something like "there's two Swedish girls who are writing to me at twitter - it's you and who else..?" and I was like hmmmm - who could it be..? x) *right after they'd went away Lina popped into my mind - it was probably her he meant.. and the day after he replied to a tweet to the both us of telling me that it was her ^^,*
Haha, lol - as I said, impossible to write without smiling like a fool and sound like I'm 14 again :')
He'd only written his autograph at my top, so I asked him if he could write something more special on and he was like "yeah, of course!" - then he took it and went away to a table and stayed there for like 2 minutes writing at my top :') and when I just got it back and was about to read what he'd written Ben came to us for a little chat - I actually think I was talking the most with him..? ;D haha, he's so cute! :) he got such a huge smile all over his face when I told him I wanted to hug him ^^, haha - SO CUTE! <3 he asked us what we thought of the show - hey Ben, what do you think we'd say..?! :') after a couple of minutes someone called on him so he went away - and I could finally read what Tim'd written ;) and OMG, my reaction - so close to tears :') it's like the cutest thing ever <3 *showing a pic further down, in case you haven't seen it* after that they kinda had to leave - but I needed a pic with Tim, and yeah I got another #schoupic ^^, said bye to him and turned around to my friends (since they were about to leave) - unaware of the fact that they didn't leave straight away.. ;) suddenly I hear Tim saying my name and I was like "wtf, didn't you leave..?!?" so I turned around and he was standing there with two danish girls who wanted a pic with the four of them ^^, so yeah, Tim basically asked me to take a pic of them :'D OMG - I was dying for the third time that evening already :') and when the girl gave me the camera Tim said something like "this will be great!" haha ;) haha, I took two pictures and then we said goodbye for real - we went inside the arena to watch the show and they went away to their dressing room I suppose :)
AND WHAT A SHOW! My god, Backstreet Boys - Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie - have been my heroes sinve I was a little girl, and I never thought I'd actually get the opportunity to see them live - but there I was, standing 10 meters away from them, breathing the same air as they did and I just felt like the happiest girl alive :D 160 minutes of pure magic - NKOTB were also kinda okey, but I have to admit that I barely knew any of their songs like one month ago.. ;)
So yeah, nowadays I'm able to say that I've heard songs like As Long As You Love Me, Drowning, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, Incomplete, Larger Than Life, I Want It That Way and so on LIVE! That's freaking insane! It was without any hesitation one of the best days/nights of my life!

*dunno how to end this properly, so I'll show you some pictures and a video*'

I like big bus and I cannot lie ^^, NKOTBSB's busses

Seb, Tim and a little Ashie :)

Tehehehehe ^^,

Best man in the world <3

#Schoupersweet <3

Brian fucking Littrell, AJ fucking McLean and a little bit of Howie fucking Dorough <3


Last but not least - THE VIDEO!

Tim is looking into my eyes and points at me around 0.45 - too bad the image is so bright </3 you might see it if you look right after the photographer has walked by my camera ^^,


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